Grantham Journal letter: Why fix hole but not those nearby?

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The state of the roads in Grantham and the surrounding area can only be described as dire.

I report the particularly bad ones and in fairness, they are repaired fairly quickly. But why is it when I report a bad hole at one location, other holes within a few yards distance are not filled? Do the workmen just take along one barrow load to do one hole, or is it a question of initiative or lack of, or maybe even a jobsworth thing?

South Parade all along to Gonerby is particularly bad. Dodging holes can often be dangerous to all.

The roundabout at the top of Somerby Hill needs a complete resurface but all it gets is the occasional patch.

Once again, some holes are filled and others are untouched - why?

Finally, for now, moving on to the A17 between Byards Leap and Pottergate Road - a major road in the county. Occasionally it gets repaired but within a few weeks it is full of holes again. Why is a more permanent repair not made to this stretch of major road?

Gordon Eden

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