Grantham Journal letter: Why meet in secrecy?

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I’m intrigued by the decision of South Kesteven District Council planning committee to hold part of a recent meeting in secret.

We should be told why the meeting was in secret; was it to do with the two plots of land on either side of Stephenson Avenue, at its junction with Gonerby Road? If it was, I presume the decision was made to cover up SKDC’s embarrassment.

I would like SKDC to answer the following:

Since SKDC has maintained the two plots of land for nearly 30 years, under the mistaken impression it was “their” land, why, when they discovered it actually belonged to Jelsons, did they not claim it under “Squatters’ Rights”, thus keeping a valuable green amenity for the local community?

When Jelsons found out it was their land, did they apply for planning permission on them?

If planning permission had been refused, when Jelsons sold the land was it made clear that that was the case?

Was it made clear to the new owner that planning permission had been refused previously?

Who has bought the land?

If it is true that the new owner intends putting caravans on the sites, what pre-emptive action is being taken by SKDC to prevent such an occurrence happening?

Or, will we have to wait for the next Bank Holiday to find the new owner has turned up with lorry loads of ballast, caravans and fencing to turn it into an eyesore?

Alfie Kent

Lynden Avenue, Grantham