Grantham Journal letter: You can get the cash from church coffers

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IT’S funny how every time the church needs to renovate a building they in the first instance either seek money (these days) from the Lottery or from the general populace.

I firmly believe that Christopher Andrews (Rector at St Wulfram’s Church) has a cheek and should in the first instance go back to the general church council and draw some money from their coffers.

It seems that although the church has a very good property portfolio and extensive tracts of land that they are always reticent in parting with any. It smacks of the Middle Ages when Bishops ripped off the local populace, which seems to be still happening today.

He quotes the 1940s as being tough for everyone, in which case why is he still trying to play that old card and con us again?

No doubt some brainwashed individuals will donate, but in the long run the church should look to itself in the first instance. Perhaps it should have been better looked after during its 700-year history.

PETER J CARTER (by email)