Grantham Journal letters: Mum (91) is ok after tumble

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My mother (91 years old) and I would like to thank the bus driver and passengers of the Carlton Scroop to Grantham bus on Thursday 22nd October 2015, approximately 10am for their help when she collapsed when she got on to the bus.

We would like to thank everyone concerned who contacted the ambulance and myself in such precision and timing.

I am thankful to say that my mum is well after having tests at Grantham Hospital which were done in a timely manner by the staff at Grantham Hospital A&E.

We thank the bus driver June (I hope we have the name right) for following up with a call to myself to enquire how my mother was after the incident.

Such dedication and care which is so very hard to find these days.

Thank you again

Mrs Patricia Brown and Miss Penny Dale