Grantham Journal letters: Planners are right in this instance

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Would it matter if the agreed plans for Grantham were scrapped and replaced by a push to build housing estates out from Manthorpe instead?

It’s a perfectly fair question.

Some of the land opposite the Territorial Army complex is sloping and so a bit more expensive to develop, while land beyond Manthorpe may well have more immediate cachet in the eyes (or tills) of housing developers.

But the planners have got it right for once. The town’s east-west bypass will not happen if the Manthorpe-first people get their way.

The best way to screw up Grantham for another generation is to put all the traffic on the Belton axis and neglect the relief of the south and east of the town.

Which is what will happen unless South Kesteven’s plan gets more vocal support from elected representatives and officials than it is getting at the moment.

Of course, it is more complicated than that.

There is an alarming shortage of good quality homes to rent at affordable levels and a natural tendency for housing developers to ignore the housing crisis and concentrate on the most profitable big stuff.

They can’t be left entirely free.

The most profitable house building has to partly subsidise the most needed new homes.

I am alarmed by Larkfleet’s “Unlock Growth in Grantham”, a shameless piece of special pleading wholly against the interests of households on low and average incomes in the town. It has gone unanswered, or almost unanswered, by South Kesteven.

They need to raise their game.

Housing developer Larkfleet is playing for big money stakes and doing a bit of astroturfing (faking the grass roots) in order to get what they want.

Larkfleet boss, Karl Hicks, is perfectly entitled to hold his meeting in the Ramada Hotel. But that does not mean that anyone should be gulled into supporting him, without reflecting on the damage his siren Manthorpe First voice would do to the life chances of future generations of Grantham residents.

Brynley Heaven