Grantham Journal letters: Thanks to our voters

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I wondered if I may be able to share a most humbling experience with you and your readers.

Recently, I was encouraged by friends and customers to stand as a candidate for Folkingham Rural division in the county council elections of last week.

The result showed an increase for the Lincolnshire Indpendents’ vote of more than 260 per cent.

I am still really flattered that 1,020 voters placed their faith in me as a candidate, despite voter turnout being down on the previous election.

Had I managed to secure a further 212 votes from the incumbent, then it would have been a classic David versus Goliath scenario! The leader would have fallen.

In fact, communications of support and congratulations have flooded in. The first being at 8.30am Friday morning.

I also happen to know that I managed to convince an 18-year-old voter of the importance to use her vote. I hope it was for me!

Shamefully, 63 per cent of the division’s voters could not be bothered to use theirs at all.

Surely, compulsory voting has to be the way ahead. I believe this would really worry the big political parties, as they appear to be against it. I wonder why?

What has also been encouraging, is that a number of supporters of one of the bigger parties, who happened to be present at the count, have congratulated me personally. I am told that they were discouraged from doing this on the night, as it would show disloyalty. Loyalty has to work both ways. So much for freedom of speech.

I am already being encouraged to stand in future elections. The big challenge appears to be that of enthusing the 63 per cent of non-voters to stop moaning, and to follow the example of the 18-year-old young lady.

Despite the UKIP campaign, Lincolnshire Independents still made significant gains. Big changes can be achieved if you really believe, but also care as I do.

Once again, a massive thank you to all of the voters who showed faith in me. I can assure you that your vote was not wasted.

Jan Hansen

Market Place, Folkingham

I would like to thank all those who supported me as the Labour candidate for Colsterworth Rural.

I also wish to congratulate Bob Adams on his success.

We are of course delighted with our overall results, coming top of the national poll (Conservative 2nd, and UKIP 3rd), and to have trebled the number of Labour councillors on Lincolnshire County Council.

Eric Goodyer

High Street, Colsterworth

I would like to thank all the people who voted for me in Grantham South, during the county council elections last week.

Unfortunately, on this occasion I was not successful.

I look forward to continuing to represent the residents of Grantham St Johns on South Kesteven District Council.

Adam Stokes

By email

I stood as the Labour candidate for Hough division in the recent county council elections. I want to thank all those who voted for me.

The result of the election, both in the Hough division and the county, was not a complete surprise. The unexpected was the Tories’ loss of majority. This loss bring a new factor to Lincolnshire politics: the geographic bunching of parties on the new council. UKIP is strong in the East, Labour in the urban areas and the rump of Liberal-Democrat support in suburbs. The challenge for the new administration is two-fold, Tories must learn co-operation and the needs of each area must be addressed in a way that reduces the obvious resentment between the parts of Lincolnshire.

Michael Hudson

By email

Through your Letters page, I would like to thank those voters in Folkingham Rural division who voted for me in the county council elections last week.

While I was unsuccessful on this occasion, the Labour vote did go up and we more than doubled our number of councillors overall.

John Morgan

Labour candidate, Folkingham Rural Division

May I through your column thank everyone who nominated, supported and voted for me in last week’s Lincolnshire County Council elections.

I am truly grateful to you all and feel privileged, particularly in these politically challenged times that you have put your faith in my ability to represent you on the Grantham East Ward.

Linda Wootten

Conservative councillor

Grantham East Division

I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted and supported me in last week’s county council elections. Its been a very difficult time out on the doorstep and I can assure you that I will not let you down over the next four years. It has been a disappointment that national issues came to the forefront above local concerns which lost me votes.

I have always put people before politics, however, and I shall continue to do my best for the residents of Grantham North.

Ray Wootten

Conservative councillor

Grantham North Division