Grantham letter: School might have made more effort

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Congratulations to all those involved in the organisation of the Gravity Fields Festival. All the events and talks I attended were well presented and I found them to be most interesting - and in several cases, mind provoking!

However, I was rather surprised when I went to attend a talk at the King’s School and was greeted by a sign which stated that there was ‘No parking for Gravity Fields’. I therefore parked in the Watergate car park and walked back to the school where I eventually found someone who said that the talk was in the Old School building on Church Street, but I would need to walk all the way round via Swinegate as the direct access through the school was locked.

For a school that is, presumably, proud of its association with Sir Isaac Newton, I find it very disappointing that it did not seem interested in adopting a more positive attitude to the event. Surely this would have been an ideal opportunity to put on its own show in support of the talk and promote its own image.

David R. White

Denton Avenue, Grantham