Grantham MP Nick Boles’ attitude is simply pure arrogance

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NIck Boles has the gall to claim £678.80 in expenses to learn the language of his civil partner so they can chat over the muesli.

Then, he defends his actions. Yes, voters of Grantham, he sees nothing wrong in this.

“It’s something I’m entitled to do. I have done it and that’s that” is what he said. Arrogance personified.

This is on top of his £65,000 salary and his £2,000 per month from his second job at the ‘Institute of Government.’

I’d like to know how he has the audacity to leave the place of work he is supposed to be in on our behalf and take a second job. What is this organisation?

Most scary is his attendance at right wing organisation Bildberg.

This is a secretive organisation of financiers, governments, businesses and bankers. It is said they hold sway over Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Why were you there, Mr Boles?

It is the smell of Boles’ sense of entitlement that galls me. Entitled to rule, to dominate and to Lord it over the rest of us.

Anthony Hindmarch

Gorse Lane