Grantham MP Nick Boles should address more urgent problems

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NICK Boles rants on about pensioners being means-tested and maybe this needs looking at. However, the more pressing problems are truly alarming. The financial crisis clearly points to a complete lack of leadership, causing chaos.

Firstly, we as a country are one of the largest debtors in the EU, yet we continue to borrow billions. Until Boles and company pay attention to immigration, NHS, benefits, DSA, and bankers giving false impression of financial health, MPs’ scandalous behaviour, the establishment cares little for the middle class and people in need.

One must query the mess of the Olympics. We will never recover the costs, we are hiring people from abroad, one consolation the tax-payers will pick up the bill, the better off will enjoy the lavish spending while the rest of us eat scraps.

My advice to Boles, Cameron and cronies is get real, because shortly the world of money men will seek redress. Your AAA rating will be chopped then troubles will come at a fast rate of knots.

I will never vote Tory again while Cameron leads. This coalition is a disaster.


Chapel Row, Skillington