Grantham simply does not have traffic ‘system’

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Steve Catell: thank heavens that at last someone has gone into print to denounce the appalling state of the Grantham traffic arrangements.

(I won’t give it the credit of calling it a system, since that implies some sort of logical plan, and that clearly does not apply to Grantham). Being a Muston resident I do not actually live in Lincolnshire.

Grantham just happens to be my nearest major town for shopping.

Since your next rant is going to feature the Asda Roundabout, I thought that I would give you an out-of-towner’s perspective.

Most people around here feel that Lincolnshire County Council has a hidden agenda against the motor vehicle, and are doing their best to deter motorists from ever visiting the town.

After all, who but an imbecile would position a major roundabout, carrying traffic through town via our laughable and sadly never-to-be completed ‘Inner Ring Road’, less than 100 metres from a set of traffic lights controlling a major crossroads?

This was bound to lead to chaos at busy times, when the traffic backs up and jams the roundabout. (Not helped by those thoughtless and selfish drivers from Sankt Augustin Way, who enter the roundabout when their route is blocked, lest someone from the badly backed-up A52 just might manage to get onto the roundabout ahead of them).

Thus even traffic from the A52 wanting to use the ring road is stuck. If only they had combined both junctions by building the roundabout 100 metres further forward, I am sure that the traffic would have kept moving.

Since it is unlikely now that the roundabout will ever be moved, there is one thing that they could do to ease the congestion.

You must have noticed the number of drivers wanting to take the A607 to Sleaford who use the outside lane at the traffic lights to make up ground and then squeeze over to the left after the lights.

Mostly this is done without inconvenience to those in the inside lane as gaps are produced when traffic from their lane turns into North Parade.

Why don’t they put up signage to say “Traffic for A607 use both lanes and merge in turn after the lights” to make this manoeuvre legitimate?

I’m sure that it would significantly ease congestion at the roundabout, and keep things moving along more freely elsewhere in the town.

There are other frustrating things that I find baffling such as: why is the traffic heading south at the St Peter’s Hill traffic lights on the inside lane held on red whilst the outside lane turns right into Wharf Road? Oh hangon, I think I know.

It’s so that the pedestrian crossing at St Catherine’s Road can go green, but have you seen how few pedestrians actually use that crossing?

It bears no relation to the number of vehicles who want to go straight on that are unnecessarily held up at every change of the lights.

I could go on forever but, like you, I know that nothing will ever be done to change things. So we will just have to watch Grantham continue towards it’s slow and tragic death as a shopping centre, whilst we drive the extra few miles to Bingham, where the parking is free and there are still shops that sell things you want.

Mike Throssell

via email