Grantham town centre is in need of traffic wardens

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Where do I start? I recently sold a large item on ebay for collection only. Once sold, I gave the buyer my address and arranged a collection for Friday July, 1.

At lunchtime I received a phonecall letting me know that he’d ‘given up’ trying to get to my house, and could I meet him on the outskirts of Grantham?

I set off from the southern end of town for Gonerby Moor services. 20 minutes later I arrived at McDonalds. I then decided to go through town to fill up with fuel. Big mistake!

40 minutes later I arrived at Sainsburys. Numerous vehicles were parked illegally, dangerously and inconsiderately.

We need traffic wardens, now! I hear they can’t afford one. Well after witnessing the shambles in this town, a year’s wage will be paid for in a week. If I volunteered, I’d probably claw back my wage bill in a day.


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