‘Hands off our bus services’

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Under latest proposals, the bus route between my village, Sproxton, and Grantham would be replaced with ‘demand responsive transport’, which is essentially a cut-price taxi service that doesn’t let you travel when you need to.

There are hundreds of thousands of younger people across the county and the country, like myself, who don’t drive, don’t have access to cars and are currently out of work.

If these proposals go ahead, they would be a death knell for our prospects of finding work.

People of limited means nationwide would be cut off from employment, education and training because of these cuts. Elderly people living where there are no local shops would be forced to move from the homes they have lived in for many years in order to gain regular access to food and provisions.

Parents would be forced to spend hundreds of pounds more a year in fuel and maintenance costs because they have to take their children to school.

People of Lincolnshire, the difficulties I have mentioned would be spread across not just Grantham, not just Lincolnshire but across the country.

I urge everyone to contact their MP to let them know they don’t agree with these cuts, because the only chance that the young, the elderly and the unemployed have of retaining these vital services is if we stand up as one and say, “Hands off our bus service.”


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