Have you ever been hero?

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Dear Sir, I would like to answer the letter by John Andrews, in which he comments that modern-day soldiers are not genuine heroes.

I would beg to differ: firstly the military carry out their missions as required by the Government, and make no comment on the legitimacy of operations they are engaged in.

Within that remit the military are often required to put themselves in real danger, where loss of life or life-changing injuries are a real possibility.

To say that bomb disposal officers, medics or helicopter aircrew who willingly place themselves in danger for the sake of others are not heroes is a grave insult.

Indeed it requires great strength of character and bravery on the part of all military personnel to go out on patrol on a daily basis, in the sure knowledge that death or maiming is a real possibility.

Remember the Gurkha who single handedly fought off 15 Taliban? Olaf Schmit who defused more than 63 IEDs? The female medic who steadfastly treated a wounded comrade in the open, in the middle of a fire-fight? The Chinook helicopter pilot shot in the head who nevertheless stayed at the controls to save his crew and other passengers on board?

What exactly, Sir, have you done in your life to equal those mentioned?


(38 years service and a Falklands veteran, Dale Road