Hospital staff deserve praise

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I WAS quite saddened to read the front page headline regarding Grantham Hospital as I recently had cause to be admitted to ward 5 after breaking my ankle and needed to have it pinned.

The care I received was absolutely amazing right from initially attending A&E, the X-ray department, the lovely ladies in the plaster room and my consultant Mr Paramasvian, all of whom proved themselves to be very hard working, professional people whose care made what was a very frightening time a lot easier to deal with.

The care I received on ward 5 was of the upmost quality. It very quickly became apparent just how hard all the staff work but always in a highly professional and compassionate manner.

I feel that these qualities need highlighting as we seem very quick to condemn when actually we need to be very thankful we actually have this very special hospital. The staff deserve to be recognised for just how hard they work and that extra mile they go to in order that their patients are so well cared for.