Hospital stay was perfectly good

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IN answer to the letter from Jean Warr (Journal, Friday, May 6), I hasten to say I have just been in Grantham Hospital for a replacement knee operation and from arriving in hospital to my discharge, I experienced sympathy, care and understanding of my needs.

These were met with the utmost kindness and courtesy.

I also found the food was very acceptable and all in all my stay in Ward 5 was of the best one could wish for.

My thanks to everyone concerned for my well-being.


Low Road, Barrowby

Whilst accepting that occasionally things can and do go awry (as with any hospital) My wife and I, who attend Grantham Hospital at frequent intervals, have no complaints to make.

We find the staff at all levels friendly, efficient and professional. As one correspondent commented, bad news often makes the front page but good news seldom does.

Mr. I. Fielding.