How can hospital services reduce when town is growing?

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I READ in the Journal about “Fears for loss of Grantham maternity” then turned the page to another article “4,000 homes for south of town.”

How can the hospital be looking to close units when the town is increasing in size all the time?

While I agree that departments might need ‘fine tuning’ in order to run economically and use funds more efficiently, I cannot see that cutting back on services is the way forward.

Already we see people who are suffering from cancer having to trek all the way to Lincoln for their daily injections at a time when they are already under stress. Why, when we have a good hospital, with excellent staff, do they have to do this?

I am afraid if there was ever a major incident on the A1 or the railways, the hospital would stand no chance of coping, as it looks set to take on the guise of a cottage hospital.

How sad for the people of Grantham and the excellent staff at what should be a thriving hospital.