Hurray for Tesco! It’s time Bingham had a big store

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I read with interest your article about Bingham residents not wanting a Tesco store.

I am a Bingham resident and obviously know many, many more – I do not know anyone who thinks it is a bad idea. I feel that we desperately need a large supermarket to cater for our needs.

Everyone I know already either travels to Gamston to the Morrisions Supermarket or Nottingham to Sainsburys or Tesco. Surely it would be better for the environment to not have to travel long distances to obtain our shopping. There are just so many items that cannot be purchased locally in Bingham.

I did notice that your picture said they were Bingham residents. They may well have been, but they are also traders!

Are they just not happy because they fear competition? Surely better shops will bring more people into Bingham.

I say Hurray for Tesco.

Sue Coates

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