I am amazed at the lack of a response to by-pass letter

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I am amazed that my letter published two weeks ago had only one response from anyone, and none from any political figures in Grantham, be it the MP, councillors or any other interested parties.

I reported re the County News headline in 2007 that “Grantham to get a by-pass by 2011/2012”.

Imagine my feelings to get County News this week, May/June 2011, and to quote Cllr William Webb, Executive Councillor for Highways and Transport: “Looking to the future we allocated a limited pot of money for capital projects, such as the £1m Lincoln High street improvement scheme, which is underway.

Elsewhere a £7.5m Boston project has been successfully completed, and we are determined to achieve a Lincoln Eastern Bypass, as a dual carriage-way if at all possible.”

No mention whatsoever of Grantham’s by-pass.

Please read the various local election blurbs that have been published this week in the Journal. Do you see the by-pass mentioned? NO!

What a sad reflection on prospective council and Lincs County Council members that the main issue is anything but the one that should have the highest priority - the by-pass.

The By-pass ranks with the Hospital in importance for Grantham Town, please let us not forget that.

Stuart Allan

via email - address supplied

Editor’s note: the Grantham by-pass/relief road is mentioned by numerous prospective candidates in last week’s three-page local election preview