I blame all Grantham’s woes on Tory leaders

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Grantham Town Centre is dying, and the Journal is right to highlight this catastrophe for our community.

But why is it dying? We have a Tory-led District Council, who are supposed to be in charge of economic development and planning, who are totally complacent.

We have a Tory-run County Council, who are in charge of highways, and stubbornly refuse to give us a bypass and sort out our road system,

We have a Tory-led Government that has stagnated the British economy. A triple whammy of inadequacy, inaction and incompetence. What we need are people like David Burling serving Grantham at County Hall.

There is an alternative: instead of just drawing expenses, our councillors should work with the private sector, other agencies, and the community to get Grantham moving.

1) Sort out the road system. Introduce free parking, like Bourne (where the Leader of the District Council lives). Exploit our transport links as an interchange between the A1 and the East Coast Line.

2) Work with Grantham College and Lincoln University to build partnerships with entrepreneurs to bring skilled jobs to the town.

3) Tap in to Government and EU funds to promote growth, including Regional Growth Funds (EU), Technology Strategy Board and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (UK). The District Council does not even have an inward investment team!

4) We need a genuine Enterprise Zone for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), design companies, and light industrial use – we do not need more warehousing and retail parks.

But we live in a democracy and people voted for mediocrity and indifference at all levels of Government, and that is what Grantham has got.

Eric Goodyer

High Street