I’m fed up of hearing people bad-mouth Grantham

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The revamp of both the Market place and Narrow Westgate have injected a breath of fresh air into our town.

What we had before was a tired looking car parking area. Some may say we have lost that facility, but it was not being used primarily by shoppers, but by people who work in the town and had all day parking to the detriment of shoppers.

Then we have the public art display. I have heard comments like, ‘a waste of money which the Council could have put to better use’.

Something that would probably have been done had it been allowed, but the artwork was paid for by what is known as Section 106 funding: this is paid by developers for specific things and cannot be used for anything else.

The authority in conjunction with Lincs County Highways are looking at ways to facilitate the market stalls using all of the now complete market place, which will be beneficial to the market traders and the shoppers.

Then we have the complaints about the narrowness of the road: this is far better for pedestrians to cross Narrow Westgate without fearing for their lives because of speeding cars.

It is easy for two cars to pass safely.

It really is about time some residents of Grantham got behind the town instead of knocking it at every opportunity. Unfounded criticism has a habit of emanating further than the boundaries of the town, which eventually prevents people coming to our fine town – the people we need along with our own residents to ensure the financial viability of Grantham.

If you want our town to prosper, stop knocking it and start shopping here instead of Newark. Anything anyone needs can be purchased in Grantham without incurring fuel costs.

by Mayor Cllr Mike Taylor