I recall the Old School and the people who used it, well

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I was born in Belton in 1937 and I remember the Old School being used for Scouts, woodwork classes, basket making, knitting and sewing.

There used to be Christmas parties for the village children, too. Later it became Belton Social Club, (my father was one of the first members).

Lord Brownlow gave his permission for the club to be formed as somewhere the villagers could meet have a drink and socialize.

Table tennis, dance classes, social events and even wedding receptions also took place. And if I remember rightly, either the Mothers’ Union or Women’s Institute used to meet there.

The school room could be divided by a pull-down shutter to make two rooms if required, and two open fires heated the room.

The club used to look after the tennis courts at the side of Belton House (you had to be a member to play) and the cricket team also used the school room after their matches.

Some of the villagers’ names I remember who used the club/school room are: R Willson, Stan Barr, Jack Askew, George Baker, Les Rhoads, Jim Tear, George Marriot, Auther Ghent, Jack Miller, Bob Portus, Harry and Jordan, Harold Sheardown, Auther Bellamy, just to name a few.

Tom Baker