I won’t return until work is completed

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I wouldn’t be suprised if I am not the only person to bring this to your attention, in fact, if my experience is anything to go by, I would say you should be inundated.

I needed to shop in Westgate today (thurs 8th Sept), so I walked down through Wide Westgate and down to where the work is taking place.

This wasn’t too bad as the road and paths have been sectioned off for pedestrians to access most areas.

But when I got a little further down I was confronted with a front loading dumper truck reversing up the pedestrian walkway. I did my best to avoid the truck as I was pushing my baby in her pram, who was then starkly woken by the noise of a saw that was being used (in a cordoned off area) but so very close to the railings.

I then negotiated the railings guiding me to the shop I needed to go to, over many bumps, pipes and uneven ground.

On my return journey I was astounded to see another construction vehicle being driven up through where pedestrians were walking. This was carrying a builders’ bag full of the blocks being used to pave the area.

Again I ensured the vehicle had stopped and made my way past it.

I understand that this work needs to take place (although in my opinion it is a waste of £1.65m, when our town has much more pressing problems) but shouldn’t this be being done in a safer manner?

Yes, people need to get to the shops in the area and businesses need to run, but I must say I was so shocked at the lack of safety measures in place.

Surely the pedestrian areas should be just that? Materials being moved through these areas in this manner is an accident waiting to happen, and I am surprised that nothing bad has happened yet.

There are other ways this can be done, and I don’t believe for one minute this work has been thought out properly.

Cuts being made into stone should certainly not be carried out where I saw them being done today, far too close to the passing public.

I just hope that no harm comes to anyone working or passing through this area. It certainly won’t be happening to me as I won’t be venturing down there until the work is complete.

Nicola Fox

Brittain Drive, Grantham