If people don’t bother to use Grantham shops, they’ll shut

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In reply to the letters over the last few months referring to the closure of a number of shops in Grantham, there are three main reasons a business closes its’ doors:

1. – the owner retires;

2. – the lease expires and the rent asked is too high;

3. – not enough people use the business.

Unfortunately in Grantham, or any other town, the latter two reasons seem to apply.

On the one hand you have greedy landlords who would appear to prefer an empty shop than set a realistic rent, and on the other hand you have people who decide for various reasons not to use the shops so they therefore become unviable and close. It is not until people find they can’t get a product locally that they begin to realise what they have lost, by which time it is too late. Shops like M&S, Burtons, H.H.Cox, Ancaster Butchers, to name but a few, did not shut their doors because they were making money - they closed because not enough people used the services that they provided and they therefore became unprofitable.

So my advice to people is to use your local shops more regularly on a day to day basis or one day you will wake up and find they have all disappeared, then we will have a very sad town.

Should this letter be published I would appreciate not having my name shown, perhaps you could put it as from a very concerned town centre retailer.