If you don’t like it, go away

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As an ex infantry soldier of 16 years having served numerous tours of Northern Ireland plus the Falklands in ‘82, I fully concur with John Andrews when he claims today’s soldiers are not heroes.

All I saw was a bunch of decent young men, sometimes doing an extremely dangerous job in difficult conditions, sometimes playing sport or having fun, sometimes doing community assistance projects for elderly or less fortunate people in their own time and occasionally displaying acts of selfless courage.

My service as a fireman may count for something in Mr Andrews’ book, though I’m not sure about my work for International Rescue (a charity which sends people to help in natural disaster areas) or as a Mines Rescue team member, or an offshore survival instructor.

He, of course, was nowhere to be seen during any of these times being obviously more concerned with whether it was legal for his employer to insist on a standard of dress code at work or not.

Mr Andrews is clearly not happy living in this hard won democracy so might I suggest he go elsewhere.

P Lackey

Little Humby