Irresponsible use of barbed wire

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WHY are farmers and landowners allowed to put up barbed wire on roadside verges and in roadside hedges?

I was told in 1938 that barbed wire should not be used next to a public right-of-way. Since then I have put up many miles of barbed wire but not in roadside hedges. I have researched this problem on the Internet and it states that any barbed wire next to a public right-of-way should be placed on top of a wall or solid fence, eight feet high.

Anyone who is injured on barbed wire can claim compensation from the owner for their injuries.

The worst example I have seen is on the roadside at Morkery Wood, on the road between South Witham and Castle Bytham. This is particularly dangerous as it is as the right height for a child to catch their face on it, should they need to get on the verge out of the way of traffic, especially in the dark. Also if someone was riding a horse which became frightened by something and reared up, could throw its rider on to the barbed wire and the horse could get tangled in it. Barbed wire should never be used where horses are liable to go.

It appears that it is the responsibility of Highways to get it removed. I reported it to them last year after it was put up, but they seem to have done nothing about it.


Market Court, South Witham