Is council’s training course worth cost?

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THE £4,500 bill for 29 managers from South Kesteven District Council to go on a training course at Stoke Rochford Hall (Journal, October 7) might appear to be reasonable value, costing approximately £150 per person at a really delightful venue.

Obviously, compressing the course from three days into two days saves money, but one is bound to ask: if it’s that simple, why wasn’t the course designed for two days in the first place?

Also, may we please know what this course was about?

If it was about ‘diversification’, ‘facilitation’, ‘well-being’, or any of the other vague subjects that are bureaucratically fashionable at present, then we must ask if Sue Griffiths, interim head of human resources and customer services, can guarantee that the 29 managers who attended the course will now provide better value and practical benefit to the SKDC taxpayers who paid for it?

If not, then her quoted justification of it is untenable and I wonder if she recognises the difference between providing meaningful, effective training and simply ‘sending people on courses’.


Bourne Road, Colsterwoth