Is positivity a case of too little too late?

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The Journal’s Drive to promote Grantham is to be applauded but I fear that it is to little to late.

David Burling is also doing his bit, however, all I see is the infamous buzz words: ‘creating zones’, ‘developing relationships’, ‘encouraging communities’, and so on.

I am willing to support David’s incentives but there are questions that remain unanswered:

1. Why did M&S really leave Grantham?

2. Where are our Primark, BHS and Debenhams stores? Is someone somewhere objecting to such high-profile companies coming to Grantham town centre?

Creating an out-of-town retail development such as Downtown has done nothing to help Grantham Town Centre. Granted, it brings busloads of shoppers in to Downtown, but none of these customers are interested in the town centre.

The latest fiasco is the pedestrianisation scheme now under way: the cost of this crackpot scheme - £1.6million. Where is the money coming from, and who dictates how it should be spent.

Who will compensate the small businesses who for 16 weeks will see a substantial deficit in their weekly takings? What shopper in his right mind will battle through a building site to make a purchase?

If the claims relating to ‘Heroes’ made by John Andrews where directed at SKDC, he may have made a few friends but alas he picked on the very people who allow him the right to spout such utter tosh.

The way that Grantham is being slowly killed off is scandalous.

Alas poor Grantham for I knew thee well.

Roy Coldham

Peascliffe Drive