Is this organised roadside littering?

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I cycle on the lanes bounded by the A1, A46, Melton Mowbray and Newark and over the past 10 years have noticed pieces of paper on many of the grass verges. For example, yesterday, on the lanes between Redmile crossing/Barkestone crossing and Kinoulton to Owthorpe.

Also lodged in some of the overgrown hedges there are white plastic bags, approx 1ft in diameter, full of finely shredded paper - also spaced approximately 100yds apart.

Examples can be seen on the left as you are climbing the last steep stretch of the hill approaching the main entrance to Belvoir Castle, from the Redmile direction.

So, what’s it all in aid of as it seems to be an organised attempt to indicate something? Perhaps by farmers or county council workers?


Blakeney Road

Radcliffe on Trent