Is this really what you strive for Mr Boles?

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REFERENCE Nick Boles’ “fightback” in last week’s Journal.

Yay Nick, It’s me again! Enjoyed your article. Tell me though, I’m curious. This Margaret Thatcher you so admire. Would she be the very same Margaret Thatcher whose policies destroyed our manufacturing industry, including many firms in this town? And, I might add, the same manufacturing base your government is trying to revive by, what is it, “rebalancing the economy”? Would this also be the same pillow of wisdom who put “all our eggs in one basket” and based our entire economy on banking and service industries? We all know where that led! Perhaps it was the Margaret Thatcher who privatised everything in sight, including hospital cleaning, resulting in disease ridden hospitals!

Maybe it was the Margaret Thatcher who introduced that bastion of fairness and equality, the Poll Tax, with the Lord in his stately home paying the same as a taxi driver in his one-bedroom house! Then trying to enforce it by treating us all to the spectacle of mounted policemen with four foot batons riding down women protesters with their pushchairs on prime time television.

Was it THAT Margaret Thatcher Nick?

Doh, you’ve gone and done it again Nick!


Valley Road, Grantham