It’s about time someone banned HGVs from town

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I AM very angry to see very large lorries again using Harrowby Lane and New Beacon Road, after a previous incident involving a car and one of these lorries.

The car was waiting at the traffic lights on Sandon Road corner, when all of a sudden a very large lorry loaded with concrete blocks came around the corner and a block fell off the lorry onto the car’s roof crushing it. Luckily no one was badly injured.

The lorries use Harrowby Lane and New Beacon Road as a short cut and when they go past while you are on the footpath, it’s a wonder that you’re not blown away.

I ask the retail parks and businesses in the area to ask their lorry drivers to slow down, and instead of using these roads can they use Belton Lane, because that was built for these lorries.

We don’t want another accident like that ever again.


Dryden Close, Grantham