It’s all about motivation not dishing out freebies

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I am writing in response to the comments made by Coun Bruce Wells regarding the neighbourhood thug issues in the Harrowby Ward in last week’s Journal (26 August).

He stated that “we do feel we have to help them somewhere along the line.” As a Harrowby Lane resident and being born and bred in Grantham, I for one know that there are sufficient activities available to any youth having been involved in Scouting and sporting activities and worked in various jobs such as paper-rounds and Saturday jobs to meet my social activities.

It’s a matter of motivation not the “lack of free facilities for teenagers” as stated by Coun Bruce Wells. Unfortunately, if these kids’ elders ie. older brothers, parents etc. don’t have the drive to get a job, and prefer to sit back and let life pass them by, then what chance do their kids have?

These youngsters cannot be expected to be motivated if they grow up in a household with no desire or positivity in life and/or work.

In my opinion they need direction and motivation. If you’re growing up in an environment with negative attitudes, then they will never get out of their rut and the problems we are experiencing will never go away.

It’s their decision to be disruptive, they could just as easy kick a football in the park for free rather than being a nuisance in their local area, it’s about the choices they make, not about free facilities.

Harrowby Lane Resident

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