It’s Nick we don’t need

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MY near neighbour and I were in our gardens between showers, and, as you do, we got around to discussing the troublesome Mr Boles.

Neither of us could be considered ‘well off’ and me even less so, as ‘they’ are already stealing £96 per year of my standard rate pension (I have been incandescent ever since).

But there is one benefit (?) that we have decided we perhaps can do without, and we know it will be a wrench, we have decided, therefore, to do without our Nick.

He and his party have utterly misunderstood the electorate; they underestimate them at their peril.

By the way Nick, while you are about it, take the unholy, unelected and totally undemocratic coalition with you.

We would further suggest for your vacation reading you take the whole of the 1970s’ history of the Conservative party – you know the one with the three-day week, unburied dead, electricity rationing, miners on strike – you even had a deficit of £800 million wasn’t it?

After 13 and a half years of Tory misrule, HMQ had permission refused for her to attend the Heads of Government Commonwealth conference in Singapore, and you even tried to cobble together a coalition with Jeremy Thorpe, but senior members of your party said ‘No thanks’. Sounds familiar?

You have had several stints in parliament since then, too. But not your finest hour was it?

Dave, I’m a PR man; you do need some customer satisfaction to be successful at that. I was told when I was working at that kind of thing, and I did it until I was 65, and my company was successful at what it did.

But it has become patently obvious to us during our conversation, that Dave is a panic merchant in charge of a bunch of spivs. Byee Nick!!


Orchard Close, Grantham