It’s not pensioners who should be under scrutiny

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Nick Boles’ remarks regarding pensioners and benefits was both naive and inconsidered.

As a vote watcher, the words ‘lead balloon’ come to mind.

If the idea came out of one of those ‘think tanks’ I would a) check the political affiliation of the members; and b) ask is there anyone over the age of 35 in the tank?

That the last Labour Government left this country in a financial mess (to put it mildly) is not in doubt, but there are other members of our society who should be the subject of your scrutiny.

I refer to the bankers; CEOs of companies who leave with huge bonuses even if their companies are failing (eg Royal Mail, Railtrack, etc); and oil companies with their huge profits.

Finally, Nick, it is as well to remember ‘charity begins at home’.

Let’s have a good look at our foreign aid budget.

Does every country on it deserve a hand-out?



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