It’s time to tackle Grantham’s traffic problems

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NOW there are plans for more houses and a bypass for Grantham, is it not a good time to sort out other traffic problems in the town?

Westgate and the Market Place are being modernised which is good, but to make it truly ‘inviting’ for people to come into town we need a better way of integrating traffic and pedestrians. There are too many hold ups and that causes frayed tempers and tension all around, and the frustration that is caused is making people look elsewhere to shop.

Surely this must have an adverse effect on bringing more retailers to town. I have been studying reports from other locations in England where the concept of ‘shared space’ has been adopted and feel that Grantham, with its roots being a small market town, is an ideal place to also adopt a similar scheme. I know it is a radical solution but the present one is not working and it looks, from the plans, that no traffic infrastructure is going to be put in place so the problem will just escalate. It can only increase harmony and create less congestion, which would also mean less pollution. Surely a good feature of any town.


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