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SO SKDC is looking for ways to improve the town.

The town needs managed short term parking in the Market Place, not an area covered in dangerous uneven, puddle making York stone paving.

We keep hearing from councillors and SKDC employees that businesses are interested in moving into the Market Place and rest of the town. How about the council listening to the local businesses in the area and improve the access for short term parking therefore increasing the customer base and helping business, which will encourage employment.

He comments that Wide Westgate pedestrianisation will take place is again contrary to business suggestion. This area is one area in the town which has a vibrant economy thanks to the Watkins store, where customers attend on short term basis to buy lunch most of which use their vehicles, and what do the council want to do, reduce the parking.

As of the 13th June the works to pedestrianise the Market place started and with shock and horror people of Grantham suddenly realised what is being done.

The hard-working business people of Grantham have been trying to boost the town, but how many businesses closed after the last ‘Road improvements’? Twenty plus.

This current fiasco will force and has started to force business out of the town or into closure.

It is such a pity that the leadership of the SKDC and LCC councils are too arrogant to admit mistakes.

Iain Angus

(via email)