King’s headmaster owes us answers

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Now that a ‘King’s School Staff Member’ (letters July 15) has decried the decision of the King’s School Governing Body to accept ‘academy status’, whilst supporting KGGS’ Governing Body’s refusal to succumb to a ‘short term gain for a long term pain’, it would be appropriate for the Headmaster of King’s school to explain, in the Journal to the people of Grantham, what changes, if any, there will be to the school’s admissions policy?

If by accepting ‘academy status’ added funds are made available to the school and administrative control of the school merely passes from the LEA to the school itself, there might be advantage to the proposal, but the question of admission is imperative.

The people of Lincolnshire, through their democratically elected County Councillors, have decided that selective secondary education for both boys and girls should be the norm.

To my knowledge, no soundings have been taken that would allow unelected people to take a contrary decision.

Does academy status mean that in future, selection by ability will not be allowed under present academy rules?

If the answer to the question is yes, then sexual discrimination will have been introduced, in that the boys of Grantham will be denied the opportunity offered to their sisters (of equal ability) of an academically selective education with all of its advantages. Shame on you!

Dr. M. O. Thomas

(Address supplied)