Legion decision defies all logical common sense

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So Grantham could be about to lose one of its last remaining music venues: the Royal British Legion at Barrowby.

Apparently someone living nearby has found that, having purchased a property near to the club, on a few evenings during the course of the year there is noise emanating from the premises.

Well, I never! Perhaps if said person had bought a house near Heathrow Airport they may have found a similar problem.

But then again, they could have written to those incredibly gullible people in the Environmental Health office and they would soon put a stop to it - pulling all of the planes out of the sky, no doubt.

On 23rd of this month I will be performing for my good friends Coun and Mrs Mike Taylor, the Mayor and Mayoress of Grantham at the Guildhall Ballroom to raise money for their chosen charities.

I have been looking forward to being able to do something for the worthy causes of my home town, but I now have this awkward feeling of putting my head in the lion’s mouth.

Will we see, at some point in the evening some eager Environmental Health officer may well appear at the back of the room wearing headphones and carrying his accoutrements, looking for the main power switch, hoping to eliminate those dreaded decibels coming from the stage area – I sincerely hope not!

I would like to say to the Environmental Health Department, I know you’re going to come up with the old “rules is rules” excuse, but you really should have the courage and common-sense to say to the minority: “If you have bought a house close to a place of entertainment that has stood there for years and years, you really should have been intelligent enough to realise that there may, for just a few hours per month, be noise coming out of there!”

So now you know what to do with your decibel meters, let’s have some common-sense!

Trevor Leeson,

Derwent Road, Grantham.