Let’s invest in youth

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In the aftermath of the tsunami of sickening riots around England last week, I suggest two main reasons why it didn’t happen here in Grantham.

First, because our High Street of shops is of such little value worth looting.

Secondly, in light of the recent vandalism of our cemetery the youth of Grantham know only too well that our Grantham citizens will not tolerate such loutish behaviour being free from repercussions.

Although a very small minority of youth let us down over the cemetery issue, the vast majority of our town’s youth are very decent young people who deserve the support of the community and we should invest in their futures. Investing in our youngsters will fundamentally help make our town a place where people want to come and invest and live in.

If you want to know how best to invest, then simply ask our young people what they would benefit from most of all. After all, it is their future and they will know better than any politician pontificating their views to them. So may I therefore suggest that your next panel for Journal Question Time is made up of youngsters?

Councillor Ian Selby

SKDC Labour group leader