Letter: Broadband woes in Harlaxton

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ON the weekend of July 28, many of the residents of Harlaxton were celebrating the installation of a new fibre optic box in the village heralding the long-hoped-for modernisation of our broadband service.

However on Sunday, July 29, the service ceased altogether. Numerous complaints to our respective suppliers resulted in several visits to test our phone lines which proved, as we already knew, that the phone lines were fine and that there was a mystery fault to the broadband.

Many broken promises and visits by engineers brought a resumption of an exceptionally weak service (0.4 mb/s for the technically minded, less than

dial-up) on August 9, only for this to fail on Aug 12 again.

Some residents’ services came back on the 13th. During this period the village Post Office has had a broadband service for only three days which by now must be causing much inconvenience and some hardship to vulnerable older residents, not to mention frustration the postmaster.

Conspiracy theories abound. Are BT trying to make us all so desperate we will willing pay exorbitant higher charges for the fibre optic service? Are all BT’s broadband engineers in London for the Olympics? have the fibre optic installers cut through or damaged our old cable etc. etc? Does anybody at BT care?