Letter: Could this ‘bee’ the explanation to the Great Gonerby mystery?

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Just a comment with regards to the story published this week on the mass bee death and CCTV failure in Great Gonerby.

it is likely that the CCTV failure would have contributed to the deaths of the bees instead of the more natural reasoning that whatever caused the deaths also took down the cameras.

Bees are extremely sensitive to electromagentic fields (see research proving that mobile phone signals agitate and confuse bees) as they become disorientated and their immune systems weakened, allowing the natural horde of viruses present on their exoskeletons, thanks to mites, to take effect.

The CCTV failure in itself or the underlying cause of the failure, ie electrical malfunction, was likely to cause fluctuations in the EM fields in the proximity of the bee hive in the chimney.

This is the most likely explanation for the instance of Colony Collapse Disorder.

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