Letter: Fewer town centre cops in Grantham

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It’s pretty much lawless now so removing a few token officers to sit in a nice warm car hiding behind a bush waiting for a 12-year-old to drop a sweet wrapper ain’t gonna make much difference to the town centre. Why don’t they put up cardboard cut out coppers in the market place - they’ll be as much use!! Always will be keystone cops.

say it how it is

So there will be fewer police officers on our lawless town centre streets on a Saturday night, instead putting the onus on bar and club owners, who don’t give a damn who they serve as long as they make a profit. If the police did the job they were paid to do in the first place then there would be no problem, by using existing legislation of being drunk in a public place, drunk and disorderly conduct and various offences under the 1986 Public Order Act, including offences such as affray, violent disorder and harassment.

If this was then backed up by the local magistrates giving appropriate fines and sentences, rather than their stock in trade punishment of a mild slap on the wrist, then the problems would be sorted out overnight.

Old Farts

Trouble at Town match

Although I agree with your comment in regards to the muppet, so it’s ok to hit someone for that? Surely it’s better to ignore the muppet than to now have created a football violence story which could have been avoided. I have read leading up to the game about the FCUM ground proposals and community work but surely incidents like this only give press to those against the ground ?

Dale Grantham

The pathetic attitude of football fans is why I follow rugby league. All the action is on the field!!


Complaints over A1 fuel prices

Where I live petrol is £1.56 a litre and rising. Instead of complaining why not do something about it. I did and now I don’t have to pay for my fuel! I got rid of the car and bought a horse!