Letter: Food for thought on Grantham’s KFC design

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Of course it is the right spot for a drive-through takeaway.

Any further into Grantham then it would fall victim to the traffic jams that blight Grantham every day of the week, caused by the town planners using a pirate copy of Sin City 2000 to plan the traffic network, and, therefore, defeat the object of buying hot takeaway food.

The revised design will be interesting, obviously now combining houses, derelict lorry parks, used car lots, DIY shops and the Maltings – that beautiful designed building worthy of some design award – the buildings that surround it – if it is much more in keeping with the area, as claimed.

My only suggestion to improve it would be to put the KFC, with a drive-through, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc on the derelict lorry park, keeping them all together, and put the slightly larger Business Incubation Centre on the site instead of Wharf Road as I haven’t the slightest idea what one is, no matter its size and aim, i’m sure it must be a magnificent edifice to erect there. Maybe have two if they are that good.


Main Street,