Letter: Grantham Ambulance Station closure plan is illogical

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The proposed changes to the Lincolnshire Ambulance Service must horrify thousands of readers.

To close existing local stations which are frequently overstretched and replace them with ill-conceived, so-called ‘hubs’ miles away will surely, as Mark Bartlett said (Journal, November 30), put people’s lives at risk.The economics make no sense. The logistics make no sense. The unnecessary stress upon patients and the additional burdens imposed upon paramedics make no sense. Any logical, impartial, intelligent observer from anywhere on the planet looking at the East Midlands Ambulance Service proposals could be forgiven for thinking that the EMAS acronym stood for ‘Exceptionally Moronic Ambulance Shambles’.Hopefully, the next ‘public consultation meeting’ will be properly and prominently advertised in the Journal, to afford as many opportunities for local people who pay for their ambulance service to voice their opinions - or would that merely waste more of our money trying to change a bureaucratic box which has already been ticked?

Brian Bruce

Bourne Rd, Colsterworth