Letter: Grantham Museum volunteers are great

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Ever since the ‘Big Society’ was first muted I’ve had my doubts about its motives. But if Grantham Museum is an example of how it works I stand corrected.

As chairman of Grantham Writers on the lookout for a more economic and suitable new venue to hold our monthly meetings, workshops and other events, I happened to check out the viability of the museum. And what a pleasant and fruitful surprise I got!

The enterprise and enthusiasm shown by this dedicated group of volunteers and their determination to ensure the survival of such an important amenity for the people of Grantham is remarkable.

‘I’ll say ‘yes’ now and you let us know what you require’, I was told and that is what I did, with even more encouraging results than expected.

Our group will now have much wider facilities and prospects for the future at half the cost, as we complete our ‘coming of age’ 21st year, than we have had at any of our previous venues.

It is also true that the enthusiasm at the museum is already rubbing off on the writers. Membership is rising again and it is clear that the group is on its way back to being the number one of its kind as we were when we were National Anthology champions and regarded by literary officers across several counties as the best in the East Midlands.

You ask what makes Grantham great?

Volunteers like those currently involved in the resurrection of the museum!

Peter Clawson

Chairman, Grantham Writers