Letter: Immigrants better off than Grantham pensioners

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The hypocrisy of our MP, Nick Boles, and his party is breathtaking.

He wants to stop winter fuel allowance for the better off etc, yet this Government pays immigrants and refugees a small fortune.

for instance, British old age pensioner weekly allowance – £106.00; immigrant/refugee weekly allowance – £250.

British OAP spouse allowance – £25; illegal immigrant/refugee spouse allowance – £225.

British OAP weekly hardship allowance – £0; illegal immigrant/refugee weekly hardship allowance – £100.

OAP total income per year – £6,000; illegal immigrant/refugee income per year – £29,000 (these are approimate figures).

Is it true, Mr Boles, that Lincolnshire council pays half gym fees for immigrants, as part of an intergrate-into-the-communtity push?

And what about the family allowances given to immigrants’ children who are not even resident in this country?

Yet we have no way of finding out if they even exist, because soome of the countries in question will not give that information out.

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