Letter: ‘Moron’ A 52 driver a danger to others

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This is an open letter to the moron in the white van who persisted in tailgating me on the A52 Saturday afternoon before, finally overtaking me.

You were and still are a danger to all road users as I suspect that you continue driving in such a manner on other roads.

The unfortunate thing is that you will involve other innocent people by driving like a complete idiot and most likely kill someone.

Once you had crawled past me, leaving very little room between us, you then proceeded to bully other motorists by using similar tactics.

In the queue ahead I observed this dreadful use of a motor vehicle by such a brainlless bafoon and was still only four cars behind you when we arrived in Grantham but, I suppose you where very impressed by your driving skills and complete disregard for safety.

Name supplied (by email)