Letter taken out of context

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I fear the letter from Mr Andrews in last week’s Journal will lead to a number of knee-jerk reactions from people who are angry at his assertion that our armed forces are not true heroes.

I fully appreciate his view that the use of the word ‘hero’ is a misrepresentation, however the real issue is how the Journal have seemingly represented an opinion with the headline “Modern-day soldiers are not genuine heroes”.

The role of the modern armed serviceman is difficult and in many ways more stressful than ever before. Mr Andrews acknowledges this in his letter. As for the Journal; I can only hope you will be willing to accept that tabloid style sensationalism of a genuine opinion does something to undermine the bigger picture.

Simon Rhoades

Haddon Road, Grantham

The Journal stands by the headline: ‘Modern-day soldiers are not genuine heroes’ in relation to Mr Andrews’ assertion: ‘the modern military has produced almost no real heroes’ (verbatim).