LETTER: Voters had the wisdom to reject political candidates

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We Brits have a reputation of leaving things to the eleventh hour. After seeing the results of the very first Police and Crime Commissioner elections, I believe that this hour has arrived, at least here in Lincolnshire.

Despite what appeared to be a shameful attempt to keep potential voters in the dark with regards to information concerning the candidates, the good British public had the wisdom to see through this attempt, and made sure that the political candidates fell at the first hurdle.

I understand that this shabby and badly thought out process was the brainchild of Nick Boles’ Policy Exchange think tank. I find it very disturbing, that up to two thirds of Government policy is based on this think tank’s recommendations.

Despite the obvious disadvantages for the two independent candidates, I think that they did a marvellous job of making the public aware of the dangers of allowing career politicians to totally control the Polic Force. These well-read career politicians have once again misread or tried to ignore their constituents concerns.

I have a feeling that this will not be the last we will be hearing from Independent candidates in all elections of the future.

Let’s hope not!

Jan Hansen

Market Place, Folkingham