Letter: Why would Grantham’s MP be different to others?

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I was truly amazed at the letters complaining about Nick Boles,

The electorate of South Kesteven would vote for a ripe banana providing it had a blue rosette,

Did anyone truly believe that he would be any different from the rest of our career politicians? We should have realised by now that all the three main parties are the same. It’s no use complaining; we voted them in.

All the things wrong with South Kesteven that you can think of are wholly attributed to the conservative members of SKDC who have ruled for the past 20 Years.

If you truly wish for change, try UKIP or an independent at the next election. They cannot be any worse, Or carry on voting for the bananas. But please don’t complain when you get more of the same.

A Todd (by email)