Letter: Wrong to deny our benefits when MP puts in his claims

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I was pleased to read your columnist Alison Robson’s comments last week about our esteemed MP Nick Boles.

Like most pensioners, I have worked and paid tax, and National Insurance for 50 years.

I am appalled that this privileged upstart (Winchester, Oxford) should say I must be denied winter fuel payments, free prescriptions, and my bus pass, while he feels he is “entitled” to claim hundreds of pounds to learn his partner’s remote language.

Surely his new pal should learn English?

I sent an e-mail to “call me Dave” to ask why Mr Boles doesn’t have an office in Grantham (Alan Duncan has an office in Melton!)

Dave didn’t reply, but a latter-day Sir Humphrey Applebee replied that Mr Boles has an office in Westminster – what is the good of that?

I have sent two e-mails to Mr Boles’ office (nick.boles.mp@parliament.uk).

I have not had a satisfactory reply.

Maybe the Journal should publish his e-mail address, then he will realise what Grantham people think about people being parachuted in.

Robert Scott

Southlands Drive,